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Reviewed : 20 May 2024

Another disiilusioned churchgoer ...

Jesus said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. But I think they skipped this lesson in Sunday school, because the only people Oxford bible church love is themselves!

Reviewed : 20 May 2024

Money is obviously top of their agenda!

This church is about putting money over people. Will not return ever again!

Reviewed : 19 May 2024

Didn't someone say money is rhe root of all evil.

The pastor can sing but he drowns out everyone else in the congregation try turning down the volume a little. Oxford bible church concentrated on too much about money and that turned us off . God bless.

Reviewed : 19 May 2024

Money, money, money as the song goes

Oxford Bible Church likes money and money and money oh did I forget to say money.

Reviewed : 13 May 2024

Our church though smaller is much nicer.

As visitors to Oxford we recently attended the service as a family and whilst the congregation were both helpful and welcoming unfortunately the venue was a let down.

Reviewed : 05 May 2024

Not very Christ-like!

Typically judgmental religious people who care more about ridiculing others than following the word of god. Thou shalt not judge is a lesson I don't think the church goes over enough. Conditional love and verbal abuse... not very Christ-like if you ask me.

Reviewed : 29 Apr 2024

Struggling to get people in the door, not surprised.

This is a time when churches are struggling to get people in the door and stay, but thanks to Oxford bible church insults and gossip they will guide you right out the door. This is not what Jesus would do, your lame excuses are not welcome.


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